Why play guitar with a metronome ?

Mastering and playing a musical instrument like the guitar sometimes requires the use of certain tools. This is the case for example with the metronome which is an indispensable tool in learning any instrument. So what are the reasons why you should play guitar with a metronome? Follow the thread of this article to get an idea of why you should play the guitar with a metronome. 

Learning to control the tempo of your playing 

The metronome is an instrument that indicates the speed at which a piece of music should be played, so you can play this instrument with the guitar. But it is important to know how to practice with a metronome while learning guitar

The first reason why you should play guitar with a metronome is because it helps you learn to control the tempo of your playing. Indeed, it is often difficult to know if your tempo is regular or not. The metronome allows you to know when to speed up or slow down your tempo if you have not previously developed a solid foundation. 

As experts in the field will tell you, musicality is about being able to control all aspects of the music. That said, having a good tempo is essential. The importance of rhythm to a budding musician is very crucial, which is why he or she should pay more attention to the notes than to the tempo. 

Developing rhythmic skills

Apart from the above reason, playing guitar with a metronome helps you to develop your rhythmic skills. It goes without saying that every musician needs to develop a sense of rhythm deep inside. Only then can you nod your head or shake your body or tap the beat with your feet. So it follows that the best way to work on your rhythmic flow is to do it with your body parts. Yes, you can actually feel the pulse tapping your feet for example.

As a starting exercise, you can for example opt for warm-up scales. Choose a slow speed, as this will allow you to concentrate on each note you have to play. With the help of the metronome you will be able to get a good feel for the tempo over time. You will also be able to work on your concentration.

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