Russian Government expels foreign diplomats from joining Navalny protest

Russia has taken a firm decision on foreign diplomats accused of participating in a protest. The Kremlin has said it has expelled them back to their countries. 

Russia expels three foreign diplomats over Navalny protests 

 The Kremlin has taken a firm decision to expel three EU diplomats for participating in a protest over Navalny's arrest. The diplomats are from Poland, Sweden, and Germany, and they have gone back to their countries. They have been accused of publicly protesting against the government and supporting Alexei Nave who was arrested last week at the Moscow airport after being poisoned in Germany. 

According to the Kremlin foreign ministry, the trio was accused of participating in an 'illegal' demonstration against the government on January 24. However, this decision has been met with condemnations from the European nations and also other EU blocs who have accused Russia of being high-handed and having '' dictatorial tendencies'.

Mr. Alexei Navalny has been a prominent critic of Russian leader Vladimir Putin has been accused of not respecting his bail conditions in a 2018 case, a charge he has deemed frivolous and untrue. Thousands of Russians have protested against the illegal detention of Mr. Navalny's on the 24 and 31st of January. 

Russia should expect a 'reaction' - EU countries affected 

The protest started well but has seen several skirmishes between Russian security officials and demonstrators. Many have been arrested and many injured by Russian police. Germany has said the expulsion wasn't justified and said Russia should expect a swift 'reaction' if it wasn't reconsidered immediately. Sweden has said the accusations against his diplomat were largely '' untrue' and based on speculations. It also said Russia's actions will get the right response soon.

Poland has said this action by the Kremlin will escalate the already bad relationship between both nations. The EU representative Mr. Borrell has said the commission condemned the '' actions' by Russia as there isn't any evidence to prove these diplomats went against their duties.