Facebook to take drastic decisions about Bogus vaccine claims on platform

The Social network has said it will take strong measures to remove false claims about vaccinations on its platform. Facebook has also promised to support health officials who talk about the benefits of vaccines and encourage their usage. 

Facebook to delete posts about bogus vaccine claims 

 Top tech social network, Facebook has said that it has decided to delete posts claiming to possess vaccines not approved by Health authorities. It will also remove statements claiming that vaccines cause various ailments or that people are better off having the coronavirus than getting vaccinated. 

This media platform has continued to change its policies on a post made on the platform as Covid-19 continues to bite harder. Last year September, Facebook stopped firms and companies from taking up adverts that have false claims or mislead the public on vaccinations.

Facebook is working with WHO and other health officials to promote vaccine administration 

This move on Monday has targeted unpaid post and Facebook groups and pages which are created to spread rumors about the vaccination process. This new update by Facebook is aimed at stopping misinformation about vaccines. The social network has said it is working with WHO and other relevant agencies to know how these claims are found. Months ago, Facebook said it would only '' derank'' such misleading topics and news, so it would be hard for visitors to find them. 

However, it has now decided to remove such a post entirely. According to a post by them '' Trust is important, and we aim to spread positive news about vaccines and encourage as many as possible to take those vaccines '' Kang-Xing Jin  Health official on Facebook. Facebook insisted this change comes after a thorough review by the Facebook oversight board on issues of this matter. The social network firm has promised $140 million in advertising to medical agencies in spreading positive vaccination news.