Elon Musk's, Dogecoin Cryptocurrency adventure shows excellent promise

After Tesla's founder announced that he would start mining his coin, not many thought it would be this big. Elon's coin has now increased greatly after a few months of hitting the market. 

Elon's Dogecoin value has increased 

 Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency that was started by Tesla founder Elon Musk has seen a surge in value by 51% and many have called it '' the people's cryptocurrency '. 

These cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Etherum, and Dogecoin are algorithms generated by systems. Their values are expected to come from computer-generated numbers. This new Crypto has decided to use a Shiba Dog as the mascot. 

The value of these currencies has risen more than 900% alone this year. Reaching a height of $0.057(4.1 Pence), these Dogecoins are now exchanging for about $0.045, which suggests an aggregate value of about 130 billion coins of about $5.98 billion. Dogecoin was launched in 2013 to compete favorably with other Crypto. This coin doesn't have intrinsic value like minerals and can't generate incomes and bonds. 

Critics warn investors about the volatile nature of Cryptocurrencies 

Cryptocurrency is very volatile and unpredictable and declines easily and could rise fast. These features of Cryptos make it tough to value and fluctuations happen regularly. Most cryptocurrency critics have said that with the rate it is going and having no control, people will likely lose money if not properly managed. 

The value of bitcoin has dropped by about $4,000 on January 5 to $28,000 before it recovers sharply and surged to $31,000. Due to the fuzzy nature of cryptocurrencies and their ability to move through foreign borders, many nations are calling for their regulations. Recently, the Financial Authorities (FCA) has said investors should be worried about investing in Cryptos as it cannot be regulated for now. 

The commission also warned people to lose huge sums of capital anytime the value of cryptocurrencies falls and fails to rise.

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