Capitol rioters engaged in violence shouldn't be blamed on Trump - Lawyers 

The legal team of President Trump has said Capitol rioters acted on their own. They slammed the House for blaming the Ex-president when evidence claims otherwise. 

Demonstrators acted on their own accord - President Trump lawyers 

Legal counsel to President Donald Trump has claimed the impeachment charges against the president are null and void as the Ex-leader didn't give any of his supporters the go-ahead to cause problems. Donald Trump's trial at the senate will start next week after being impeached shortly before he left the White House. 

The Ex-US leader was charged with supporting violence and encouraging insurrection' using his comment ahead of the council vote. Mr. Donald Trump has said he isn't ready to testify because there is nothing to testify about. He said everyone should be held responsible for their actions and that the Capitol riots shouldn't be hinged on him.

 About 4 people were reportedly killed in the riot with hundreds which include security officials injured. Mr. Donald Trump remains the only US leader to be impeached twice, however, he has insisted his impeachment is based on sentiments and not facts. The ex-president legal team has recently said that there are security documents that proved that the riot wasn't planned but was a spontaneous affair. 

Lawyers insist senate trial is unlawful and sentimental 

This, they say, shows clearly that President Trump couldn't have supported the riots. His lawyers also insisted that the senate Trial is not constitutional as Mr. Trump has exited the office and is considered a private individual. The lawyers accused the house of being dishonest and having no evidence to support their claims against their client. 

They also further described the senate trials as a form of' 'political drama” which aims to end Donald Trump's political legacy.' 'The trial was never about seeking justice, it was just a selfish act by democrats to use Public sentiments against the impeccable leadership of Mr. Trump.' They concluded.