Business securing: what are the basics to protect your website efficiently?

Cyberattack is not something we should try to define again. Almost everybody knows its drawbacks and quite often, online businesses are exposed to cyberattacks without any counter-strike strategy. As a growing company, protecting your website is a must especially when you own an online business. Here are simple, but valuable basics ways to protect your website efficiently!

Secure your pages

There is a huge ground to cover when it comes to securing pages. From the login pages to the other sections of your website, everything has to be built on at least two layers. And in order to implement that, you should try for example strong password or double-factor authentication.
Strong passwords are mind-blowing and hard to view whereas two-factor authentication prevents whosoever from accessing your website without your permission. If you try out these two steps, you have already made a great effort to protect your website.

Back up and update

We all love great tools and apps that can help us be productive in our work. But did you know that every single third-party product you use is a potential risk for the security of your website? 
Fortunately, up-to-date notifications always pop up, so do not forget to remove the programs you do not use and update the one you do. However, if you do not update regularly, at least back up! Even if they do not scare off hackers, back-ups provide a safe space to recover your data and restore your website from a crisis.

Install SSL and set HTTPS

SSL, also known as Secure Sockets Layer, is a system of encryption that ensures the total protection of sensitive and confidential data. You might think that an SSL certificate is just for big companies or businesses, but that belief is totally wrong. 
When your website is SSL-encrypted, HTTPS automatically appears in the process, and generally in the URL. When your users see that, the stars are definitely aligning in their head because they know they can trust your website. So, above the fact of securing your website, this specific point helps you retain your website's users. 

Keep scanning 

Do you know that saying about reading: keep reading until your eyes burn? The same approach might be applied here, as continuously scanning your pages is another effective way to secure your website. So, keep scanning until the hacker strategies burn!
Actually, scanning is of great help to identify vulnerabilities and attack risks. However, make sure you use an efficient, intelligent and automated scanning tool to do so. If the scanner is not good enough, the right vulnerabilities will never be identified.

Use a firewall

For proactive protection, you may tend to use a firewall. In fact, firewalls are pre-defined to block attacks from any source. They can deploy the appropriate steps to counter-strike based on the vulnerabilities that have been identified. Effective firewalls have some important features that basically consist of providing updates, ensuring there are no gaps between security and the performance of your website, etc.
However, all these programs and means to protect your website need you to be an effective administrator - keeping track and monitoring users' activity. As a result, you should always be alerted because attacks can come from anywhere. Whether it is a virus or tools from unknown sources, some signs should be considered as red flags for you to stay awake!

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